Pure Virtual C++ - Debugger

I was invited to record a couple of demos for Microsoft Pure Virtual C++ conference.

I was really glad I got the experience to record these demos. I wanted to find some examples that people could actually relate to, which is why I chose ImGui (a vastly used open source project) and Transport Tycoon (because it’s fun!) for these demos.

Breakpoint groups in Visual Studio

Project level support for step filters

My work in Microsoft is anything related to debugger, really. It can range from C# to C++, from Visual Studio to VS Code. I was happy I could show people what the debugger can do and how helpful it can be. I feel that a lot of people just don’t use debuggers often enough because they are not aware of what they can actually do.

Demos on debugger features for Pure Virtual C++

By Isadora, 2023-06-01